Automation Perspectives

Automation Perspectives, the annual global media forum from Rockwell Automation, takes place the day before the Automation FairĀ® event. At this half-day event, executive leadership and industry specialists share their vision, strategies, and real-life business experiences relating to smart manufacturing, beginning with The Connected Enterprise. Members of the global business and trade media are invited to hear about automation trends and issues that face manufacturers and producers across various industries and geographies.

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Ninveh Neuman
Vice President, Global Marketing, Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Expanding Human Possibility

Blake Moret
Chairman & CEO, Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation + PTC
Advancing The Connected Enterprise + Demo

Jim Heppelmann
President and Chief Executive Officer, PTC

Connected Production + Demo

Allan Rentcome
Director, Global Solutions Technology, Rockwell Automation

Customer Showcase


Cyber Security: Hidden Risks

Nadav Zafrir
Co-Founder and CEO, Team8 & Previous IDF Commander, Technology & Intelligence Unit 8200

Academy of Advanced Manufacturing: One Year Later

Customer & Graduate Discussion
Joseph Allie
Director, Business Global Competency, Rockwell Automation

Automation Fair Preview

John McDermott
Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Rockwell Automation