Interviews and Briefings

Media can register here to attend the following interviews and briefings to learn more about how we are helping to enable and implement The Connected Enterprise for customers worldwide.

Executive Briefings

Creating the Modern Manufacturing Team

As manufacturers and industrial producers transform their operations into connected, digital production environments, they need to reevaluate their team’s roles and responsibilities. Rockwell Automation leaders will share how they’re helping customers define the roles needed in a digital production environment and what organizations should do to manage the cultural change required to get there.

Digitization: From Pilot to Scale

Digital transformation is no longer limited to large organizations. Companies of all sizes can utilize the latest technologies in their production environment. From machine analytics to enterprise-wide digital record keeping, Rockwell Automation works with organizations to develop solutions that fit where their business is today and where it’s headed.

Investing in People to Build the Workforce of Tomorrow

A thriving workforce has long been the fuel supply for manufacturing growth, but as companies implement advanced technologies, they struggle to find workers with skills to match. Hear how Rockwell Automation is moving beyond the tried and true, and applying new approaches to recruiting and training to address the workforce shortage.

Five Digital Trends Driving the Future of Manufacturing

International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that by 2020, 60 percent of manufacturers will rely on digital platforms, which will support up to 30 percent of their total revenue. Learn how Rockwell Automation is bringing consumer technologies onto the plant floor – from using augmented reality to virtually explore a machine’s design before it’s built, to letting workers verbally interact with machines using Siri-like voice control technology. Explore these and other leading trends that are connecting the physical and digital worlds and changing the landscape of manufacturing.

Female Leadership and the Power of Diversity

While studies show gender diversity benefits manufacturers, women constitute one of the industry’s largest pools of untapped talent – even though they hold half of all advanced education degrees and more than half of all U.S. managerial and professional positions. Rockwell Automation female leaders share how the company has created a culture of inclusion with a focus on attracting and advancing women into leadership positions across the company.

Investments in Innovation

Rockwell Automation is invested in growth and innovation ahead of the trends of the industry. Company leaders share their perspective on new customer demands and how it is working to expand human possibility through new innovation and partnerships. From Massachusetts-based PTC, to partnerships with Plug and Play, The Hive, Odos Imaging and MAVERICK, Rockwell Automation aims to help customers achieve positive results by coupling the ingenuity of their employees with robust technologies to drive performance.

Show Floor Briefings

Smart Devices

As manufacturers and producers look for more impactful business insights, boosts in productivity and decreased downtime, devices can often be overlooked. But they serve as critical building blocks for enabling the Connected Enterprise. Smart devices can quickly execute simple control functions locally, and deliver access to data that until now wasn’t being generated or couldn’t be extracted from systems. This briefing will cover how manufacturers and producers can leverage smart devices to put new insights to work.

Smart Systems

Digital technologies are redefining industrial operations. Yet for many companies, concepts like Industry 4.0 and digital transformation are still abstract. Using a physical production line, Rockwell Automation will demonstrate how today’s control and information technologies can reshape operations. See how new analytics, sensing, thin clients, motion and AR technologies can make the factory of the future a reality today.

Safety and Security

Safety and security can no longer be treated as separate entities. Malware is now specifically targeting industrial safety systems, and cyberattacks are resulting in worker safety issues. Safety and security must be addressed together, as part of a comprehensive risk management program that includes both operations and IT systems. Rockwell Automation will discuss practical ways to make this happen and new technologies that can help.

The Connected Enterprise

Many industrial companies are struggling with how to process, interpret and use the over-abundance of production data. New analytics and digital solutions can help transform data into understandable information, empowering users to confidently make more informed decisions – from the plant floor to the enterprise. This briefing will cover how organizations can leverage analytics and other advanced IoT solutions to transform operations across a variety of industries.

Data Analytics and Augmented Reality

From analytics to mobile to augmented reality, new technologies are helping industrial companies bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Learn how Rockwell Automation is expanding its portfolio and tapping into its strategic partnership with PTC to help customers increase productivity and plant efficiency, reduce operational risk and provide better system interoperability.


Get an early look at how new technologies will change manufacturing and production including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, wearables and other disruptive technologies.

Fostering Leadership Through STEM

Learn how Rockwell Automation is working with organizations like FIRST, Project Lead the Way and ST Math to engage and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

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