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Facebook Live

Live streaming November 13-15


Live streaming November 13-15
More videos during and after the event

Tuesday , November 13

2:00 PM EST — Welcome to the Automation Fair Event Live from the ROK Studio!
4:00 PM EST — PSUG Recap
5:30 PM EST — PSUG Panel

Wednesday , November 14

8:00 AM EST — Automation Fair 2018 Opening Ceremony
9:00 AM EST — Rockwell Automation and PTC Partnership: What We’ve Learned So Far
10:00 AM EST — IOT Mining Solutions with Metso
10:30 AM EST — State of the Industry Chat with Dave Vasko
3:30 PM EST — Women are Industrial Game Changers
4:30 PM EST — Future is Female with Girls in STEM

Thursday, November 15

10:00 AM EST — Engineering Our Future
12:00 PM EST — Unleashing the Power of the Manufacturing Workforce