1560F/1562F Medium Voltage Soft Start Controller

  • Offers enhanced modes of operations to meet various application needs
    • 10 starting modes of operation
    • 4 stopping modes of operation
  • Uses integral motor winding heater
  • Includes torque control start
  • Equipped with pump control mode
  • Features advanced diagnostic and metering functionality
    • Motor and controller protection
    • Power and energy monitoring
    • Trending and performance diagnostics
    • “Snap shot” diagnostics
    • Fault and alarm event logs
  • Offers built-in setup / commissioning wizard
  • Features autotuning

Bulletin 1560/1562F, the next generation medium voltage soft start controller features SMC-50 advanced smart motor control module. This controller is designed for customer flexibility, offering a distinct differentiation in market through its flexible modes of operation and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

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Available for Sale: January 2019

Contact Information:
Julie Weber
Rockwell Automation
+1 262 512 2369
Mequon, WI, United States