46DFA Fiber-Optic Amplifier

  • Dual high visibility displays provide configuration and operation feedback that simplify sensor setup, operation and maintenance
  • Economy display mode reduces amplifier power consumption by 25%
  • Teachable LED intensity provides added flexibility in applications where there’s a need to detect clear or transparent objects
  • Fast-response output using pin 2 when connected using IO-Link enables continuous sensor monitoring
  • Fast response speeds of 50 μs, 65 μs, 500 μs, 4 ms, and
    32 ms allows operators easy adaptation of the sensor response time
  • Selectable PNP and NPN output using push button simplifies inventory
  • Embedded IO-Link 1.1 Communication protocol is offered in all standard modes
  • IP40 rated enclosure

The new Allen-Bradley® 46DFA fiber-optic amplifier from Rockwell Automation features two high-visibility displays that make this sensor easier to set up, operate and maintain when compared to previous Rockwell Automation and competitive offerings. Embedded IO-Link functionality offers enhanced diagnostics and linkage to The Connected Enterprise.

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Available for Sale: February 2019

Contact Information:
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
+1 978 446 3284
Chelmsford, MA, United States