843ES CIP Safety Encoder

The 843ES CIP Safety Encoder is the first encoder on the market that supports CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP and is SIL 3/PLe capable. This encoder is a great solution anywhere a customer wants raw position/velocity values as part of the safety task or where SIL 3/PLe is needed on an axis/load. Features of the 843ES CIP Safety Encoder include a rugged IP67 housing, standard 18 bit single-turn resolution (15 bits in safety resolution) and 1 ms RPI in standard connections (6 ms RPI in safety connection). Additional features to support Integrated Architecture® systems include ControlFlash™ software, Studio 5000® AOP (v31 and later) and two Ethernet ports to support DLR.

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Available: 01/06/2020

Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation