AADvance®-Trusted® SIS Workstation Software

  • Compatible with all latest Windows releases (8, 10, Server)
  • Faster development and compilation time
  • Unified environment for Trusted® and AADvance® systems
  • Based on a Visual Studio Shell. Intuitive development tools and workflows
  • Full migration capabilities from all your Trusted® and AADvance® projects
  • Assessed as a T2/T3 offline tool, as per IEC61508 ed. 2.
  • Can be used in process safety systems, up to SIL 3

AADvance®-Trusted® SIS Workstation software is combining two tools into one: AADvance® Workbench and Trusted® Toolset. You no longer have to learn/install/maintain separate tools for your various process safety needs.

This redesigned development environment supports the latest Windows versions, offers an intuitive and natural methodology of creating your safety applications and complete migration of your existing AADvance® and Trusted® applications. No need to reprogram. No need to reconfigure. No regrets.

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Available for Sale: Q1 2019

Contact Information:
Stefan Mizera
Rockwell Automation
+1 514 817 1180
Brossard, QC, Canada