ArmorStart® ST with Network-based Safety

  • Network-based safety provides Category 4 PLe STO Safety that minimizes design and installation costs
  • Embedded User Safety I/O option increases flexibility
  • Embedded User I/O can provide up to six Inputs or two outputs to connect sensors and actuators quickly
  • Local control (HOA) mode option helps decrease installation and maintenance cost
  • Helps minimize the overall system components required to implement safety

The ArmorStart® ST with Network-based Safety is ready to meet your Connected Enterprise needs. It applies Integrated Control and Safety architecture to help reduce system complexity and creates better alignment of your standard and safety On-Machine™ motor control architecture. ArmorStart® ST with Network-based Safety helps reduce the number of components necessary to implement functional safety and reduce installation complexity. ArmorStart® ST with other on-machine components is shown to reduce design, commissioning, and installation costs by more than 50%, when compared to more traditional installations. Lastly, ArmorStart® ST with Network Safety is designed with industry-leading technology that supports premiere integration with Allen-Bradley® Logix family of controllers.

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Available for Sale: March 2019

Contact Information:
Julie Weber
Rockwell Automation
+1 262 512 2369
Mequon, WI, United States