ArmorView™ Plus 7 Graphic Terminal

  • Fully enclosed panel for a cabinet free solution
  • IP66 rated exterior for on-machine applications
  • Convenience – space saving design, separate push buttons, low installation overhead, minimized wiring
  • Flexibility – individually customized buttons and switches, orientation mount options

The ArmorView™ Plus 7 graphic terminal is a fully enclosed panel available in 12.1” size and features IP66 protection enabling a low-cost cabinet free HMI solution. It offers convenience features, including a space and cost saving design that makes an additional enclosure unnecessary, separate push buttons, and low installation overhead. This HMI is easily connected, and Ethernet I/O communication minimizes wiring. This terminal offers options to increase flexibility, such as buttons and switches that can be individually customized to meet the needs of each machine, and orientation mount options from either a swing arm, pedestal, or fixed surface.

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Available for Sale: January 2019

Contact Information:
Tiffany Pfremmer
Rockwell Automation
+1 414 382 4814
Milwaukee, WI, United States