ClearMark™ Advanced Terminal Block Printer

  • The ClearMarkTM Advanced marking system offers flexibility by printing on marker cards that can be used on terminal blocks, wires, cables and other industrial components
  • Speed – It takes less than 2 minutes to print and cure a full marker card
  • Runs on easy to use ClearTools™ software
  • High quality: 600 dpi or 1200 dpi
  • Capable of color printing
  • Ideal for High Volume Marking
    • Greater than 50 marker cards per week
    • Use 3–5 days a week
  • Can print on either full or half-sized marker cards
  • Integrated cleaning solution helps prevent print head clogs

We offer multiple marking solutions for industrial equipment, wires, and terminal blocks. The ClearMultiprint™ marking system is designed for many types of users that require high-speed printing, no drying time, and a compact footprint. The ClearPlot™ marking system is robust and flexible enough to allow partial marking on cards or up to three cards at a time for low to medium volume uses. This launch adds an advanced printer for high-volume terminal block users.

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Available for Sale: January 2019

Contact Information:

Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
+1 978 446 3284
Chelmsford, MA, United States