FactoryTalk® Analytics™ Data Explorer

  • Visualize past data for information discovery
  • Clean data graphically and simply
  • Wizard for smart, flexible time-merge of diverse data
  • Quick statistical summaries
  • Correlation and ranking including determination of shifts in time
  • Export prepared data for reporting, or to diverse ML toolsets
  • Transform data for enhancement without programming

The first step in Analytics is gathering data, aligning different data sources and preparing it to learn about a system, problem, or process. Machine Learning algorithms are powerful new tools to develop useful models to improve manufacturing. However, frequently there is insufficient aligned data from diverse manufacturing systems, problems with data or significant periods that are irrelevant to the task at hand. In addition, There can be data management issues, such as excessive compression. With FactoryTalk® Analytics™ Data Explorer software you can visualize and graphically interact with the data to observe and detect issues. Data Explorer provides an array of tools to clean, align and interpolate, and enrich data with known concepts, and identify observable lags or helpful time-shifts in the data. An informed user can then identify useful correlations to detect new process/system influences and causes.

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Available for Sale: December 15, 2018

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