FactoryTalk® Analytics™ DataView Version 2.1

  • Self-service data analytics on industrial data
  • Ingest data from streaming and relational data source
  • Predictive Fit Functions (forecasting, k means, decision tree and more)
  • Data annotation and mashup
  • Collaboration (share, schedule, embed, alert)
  • Browser User Interface (HTML5)


  • Get faster insights through self-service, intuitive storyboards you can create with one click
  • Track machine, line, shop and plant KPIs with alerts
  • Easily find answers hidden in application and system silos
  • Use natural search language to query and diagnose and resolve issues on the fly


  • Data ingress from Historian and FactoryTalk® Live Data
  • Support storyboard with direct query on RDMS sources
  • Linux platform support
  • NLP, data annotation, diagnostics and other enhancements

Knowing what is happening on your shop floor is important. Examining it with the right context and analyzing it yourself in minutes can make a difference. FactoryTalk® Analytics™ DataView empowers you with faster insights through self-service, and intuitive storyboards you can create with one click. It enables rapid horizontal data integration, enterprise-level security, performance, and scalability combined with strong manageability in a collaborative and mobile environment. The latest release increases visibility, improves productivity and enhances efficiency by providing quick insights to your line, shop floor, plant, and enterprise. It does not matter whether data comes from one system or from multiple disparate systems like PLC, DCS, Historians, MES and Enterprise applications. Through a simple self-service four-step process, you can annotate data, add context, mash it with other data and generate storyboards to get insights immediately.

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Available for Sale: December 2018

Contact Information:
Kelly Macaulay
Rockwell Automation
+1 440 646 6576
Mayfield Heights, OH, United States