FactoryTalk® Analytics™ Real-Time Optimization

  • Minimize energy costs and consumption across centralized utility centers with a prescriptive analytic
  • Reduce energy up to 30%
  • Maintain adequate utility (steam, chilled water, refrigerant, water, air & electricity) throughout your operations
  • Reduce equipment maintenance

FactoryTalk® Analytics™ Real-Time Optimization (RTO) software enables process operators to consider cost to drive optimal utility equipment dispatch to support intelligent make/buy, generation, and loading decisions. Energy savings on the order of 10-30% are typical from dispatch optimization on parallel centralized utility equipment. RTO provides predictive optimization by modeling process behavior and applying automatic control based on defined variables and constraints within the system. Based on actual operating data, the RTO application understands the relationships between equipment selection, loading and energy costs and self-maintains mathematical algorithms to predict accurate outcomes before actual events.

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Available for Sale: December 30, 2018

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