FactoryTalk® Brew™

  • Standard, modular application designed for brewhouse control, leveraging standard process libraries with integration of brewing requirements.
  • Agile configurations to adapt to your changing demands and materials to help you control costs.
  • Data-driven reporting and trends improve ability to drive batch consistency, improve overall yield and have confidence in product safety.
  • Simple navigation, intuitive graphics and information with context allows operators to learn and leverage the system.
  • Modern interfaces, workflows and accessibility enable your team to focus on brewing instead of system navigating.
  • Designed with a defense in depth approach to reduce the risk of access to your critical assets and information.

As a larger brewer, you are dedicated to produce a quality product, and look for opportunities to drive out inefficiencies from your operations. The modular FactoryTalk® Brew™ Solution is designed to lower project execution time, reduce risk and improve ROI. It can help you to connect systems and provides actionable information, across multiple sites.

This connectivity allows you to:

  • Access real-time data on the brewing process
  • Compare performance across plants
  • Manage energy consumption at the enterprise level
  • Scale production up or down quickly

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Available for Sale: June 11, 2018

Contact Information:
Greg Hood
Rockwell Automation
+1 440 646 4705
Westerville, OH, United States