FactoryTalk® Craft Brew

  • Designed to provide affordable solution for craft brewers, typically from 5 BBL to 100 BBL
  • Standard-based and scalable application for Brewhouse and Cellar
  • Recipe management and temperature control drive quality and consistency throughout a craft lifecycle
  • Standardized craft brewery solution optimizes uptime and efficiency while keeping costs low
  • Helps reduce risk and prevent uncertainties
  • Easily integrates equipment such as mash tuns, lauter tuns, brew kettles, whirlpools and combination units

Your customers value the intricate aspects of your brews. With each pour, they look forward to the consistency, taste and aromas that gained their loyalty. So, how do you maintain taste and color, and still be able to innovate and grow with demand? Simple. Know where automation can add value so you have more time to focus on your art.

FactoryTalk® Craft Brew solution increases brew house control accuracy at each step of the process for more brews per day. Productivity is boosted by reducing manual tending of batch sequencing and recipe adjustments. Easy to use and intuitive operator interfaces prompt operators through automated sequences and manual interactions. And, our controller-based architecture reduces system complexity, integration costs, training and maintenance.

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Available for Sale: June 11, 2018

Contact Information:
Greg Hood
Rockwell Automation
+1 440 646 4705
Westerville, OH, United States