Imperx, Inc. IP67 PoE Cameras: Rugged Industrial Durability

Designed for use across all industries and in harsh environments, Imperx Cheetah IP67 models feature IP67 protective housing which allows the camera to be well-protected from solid particles including dust, dirt and sand. Our IP67 cameras also provide water ingress protection for 30 minutes in levels up to 1 meter in depth. Robust M12 Ethernet connectors provide increased resistance to shock and vibration, providing long-term camera durability along with exceptional imaging performance in harsh, demanding industrial environments without the need for additional enclosures. For added protection, lens tubes can be utilized for dust proof and water-resistant functionality. The Imperx Cheetah IP67 CMOS cameras feature GigE Vision® with Power over Ethernet interface and are 100% compliant with the GigE Vision® standard, which reduces the need for extra cables by enabling the camera to get its power over the data cable which can reach 100m in length for simplified installation/maintenance.

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Available: 10/28/2019

Dave Sexton
Imperx, Inc.

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