Maplesoft MapleSim 2019.2

MapleSim 2019.2 is a multi-domain system simulation tool that allows you to create physics-based digital twins (DT) of your physical system that can be used to reduce development risk, lower costs, and enable innovation.  Some key workflows it enables are:

  1. Ability to rapidly construct a DT of your physical system – either directly from CAD or via our component libraries (mechanical, cams, hydraulic, electrical, logic, etc.).
  2. Use the DT to accurately predict the dynamic behavior of your system and quickly iterate through/compare the effects of different design decisions.
  3. Export accurate torque/velocity profiles from your DT to Rockwell Automation’s Motion Analyzer – right sizing your actuators.
  4. Link your DT to Studio 5000®, allowing you to test your control code against a virtual prototype and visually debug where things are going wrong.

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Available: 10/31/2019

Phil Cooper

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