Micro870™ Controller AC Input Base

  • Catalog number: 2080-LC70-24AWB
  • Embedded 120V AC input type for AC sensors. AC sensors are suitable for applications with long distance between the controller and the sensor, and are more immune to noise than DC sensors
  • Micro870™ 24-point controller, supports up to 20,000 program steps and up to 128 KB user data
  • Supports up to three Micro800™ plug-in modules, up to eight expansion I/O modules and up to 304 I/O points
  • Requires Connected Components Workbench™ software version 12

Machine builders and end users who look for customizable, cost-effective, and space-saving solutions with just the right performance often choose the Micro800™ controller family. The all-new Micro870™ controller improves scalability of the Micro800™ controller platform with double the memory capacity of Micro850® controller and supports up to eight expansion I/O modules. The Micro870™ controller brings the benefits of Micro800™ controller platform to your larger and more complex standalone applications. The Micro870™ controller is now available with 120V AC input type.

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Available for Sale: March 2019

Contact Information:
Patti Vivolo
Rockwell Automation
+65 6622 5155

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