Data-Linc Group NetworkNow: Configuration and Live Network Mapping

NetworkNow is DATA-LINC’s latest software tool for SRM8200 configuration and viewing RF-network diagnostics, both accessible via your web interface and viewed live on one single web page. You can monitor the health of RF performance FOR any modem on network, FROM any modem on the network.  With NetworkNow, you don’t need to spend time in the field on-site to troubleshoot, reconfigure or update firmware. You can do it all on the fly from any node in the network. The Network Diagnostics menu option shows a live map and RF statistics for all the nodes. Additionally, you can zoom-in/out and move nodes to see each one clearly on the network map.  You can easily access details for any node. Clicking directly on the node you want, opens its browser interface page for your inspection. This powerful program’s functionality is possible because last year you asked for it…and this year it’s here!  Easy to use and included with the SRM8200: Call us! 425-882-2206 or email:

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Available: 10/21/2019

Karen Perlbachs
Data-Linc Group

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