PanelView™ 5510 Graphic Terminal

  • Logix-based alarms are automatically available, eliminating additional configuration
  • High-speed HMI buttons provide quick response and feedback for machine jogging applications
  • Logix tag extended property support helps develop richer content
  • Intuitive navigation menu reduces configuration time
  • Scalable vector graphics automatically adjust objects and screens to any terminal size
  • Create custom, reusable add-on graphics to more efficiently build your applications

PanelView™ 5510 graphic terminal was designed for OEMs and end users who require a high degree of integration between their HMI and controller. Wide range of display sizes from 7″ to 19″ with wide screen, touch and keypad options. EtherNet/IP with DLR and embedded switch technology supports ring topology for network fault tolerance and reduced downtime. A physical navigation button on the terminal easily displays information. Both AC and DC power options offer application flexibility.

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Available for Sale: December 2018

Contact Information:
Tiffany Pfremmer
Rockwell Automation
+1 414 382 4814
Milwaukee, WI, United States

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