Pavilion8® Version 5.16

  • Integrated Preprocessing in SolutionBuilder
  • Console Performance Monitoring
  • Security update

Pavilion8® Model Predictive Control version 5.16 is the latest release of the Rockwell Automation® advanced process control solution that includes the next major migration of legacy tools into a modern Windows user experience. Dataset preprocessing to merge, clean up, enrich and prepare for modeling, a major part of the original Pavilion technology platform, is now integrated with the already migrated MPC and Software CEM® tools into one platform with a common UI, SolutionBuilder. A new toolset to support, track and enhance Console reliability is an independent performance monitoring application. Track and identify the major system resource consumers and isolate issues by trends and averages of usage. System security was improved with release version 5.15, but we remain on a planned path of enhancements, because software security is a high priority with our customers and Rockwell Automation. Pavilion8® version 5.16 is the best-in-class secure software for model predictive control and environmental solutions.

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Available for Sale: January 30, 2019

Contact Information:
Michael Tay
Rockwell Automation
+1 512 438 1482
Austin, TX, United States