PlantPAx® System Release

The latest system release contains added key benefits to help ease ownership, improve delivery, and drive productivity. The system allows for a smarter, more productive and secure enterprise. Delivery teams are now able to adopt smart system capabilities with enhanced configuration and operations. The intuitive design features and overall user experience allow for increased productivity. Adoption of commonly used industry accepted standards align with enterprise policies of many process customers, which leads to a more secure infrastructure.

Some of the features highlighted in this release include an update of the Rockwell Automation Library of Process Objects, which includes new power & IEC61850 device libraries. Other features include enterpriseready architectures for multi-system/multi-site, cloud based remote access, single server for small systems, and guidance for IEC 62443 adoption. The PlantPAx® system helps you make better, faster decisions by enabling you to respond more quickly to the demands of the customer and fast-changing specifications.

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Tim Schmidt
Rockwell Automation
+1 414 316 0061
Milwaukee, WI, United States