PowerFlex 6000 MV AC Drive with Reduced Footprint

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is now available in a smaller footprint to help save valuable floor space in industrial plants.

This compact drive works well in any retrofit opportunity where it must fit into an existing space. It is widely applied in fan and pump applications in oil and gas, mining and water/wastewater industries.

The new drive offers the same reliability as the original drive, but in three smaller frame sizes. It is available in configurations ranging from 2.4 to 4.16 kV and 0 to 215 A.

A new all-in-one design allows users to receive the drive in one shipment with secondary windings connected. No rear access is required, which makes maintenance easier.

The new drive also offers synchronous bypass capabilities. This allows users to operate one motor continuously with variable speed control or to start and synchronize multiple motors using only one drive.

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Available: 09/02/2019

Julie Weber
Rockwell Automation

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