Stratus ztC Edge

Industrial companies are facing mounting pressure to be more productive and efficient. The influx of data from new industrial devices, and the need to analyze this data where little to no skilled IT resources exist, is driving the need for new edge computing infrastructures.

Designed specifically for the edge, Stratus ztC Edge™ is a secure, highly automated computing platform that delivers business-critical industrial applications quickly, reliably, and efficiently, even in decentralized, understaffed locations.

With built-in virtualization and availability layer, automated data protection and application recovery, ztC Edge significantly reduces the dependence on IT for virtualized computing at the edge. Its self-protecting and self-monitoring features help reduce unplanned downtime and ensures the continuous availability of business-critical industrial applications.

Consider ztC Edge – simple, protected, easy to deploy, cost-effective, operated autonomously.  Available now.

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Available: 06/03/2019

Frank Hill
Stratus Technologies

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