Studio 5000® Design Environment

  • Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application supports Automation ML for data exchange along CAD tool chains
  • Studio 5000 Logix Designer® enhancements include 64-bitmath instruction support, new intuitive FBD Functions and Alarm Library Management improvements
  • Usethe new ControlFLASHPlus™ to reduce time updating multiple devices with new batch and parallel flashingcapabilities
  • Studio 5000® Application Code Managerauto creates parent/child objects with library links and adds library artifacts to libraries, including user documentation and FactoryTalk® ViewGlobal Objects
  • Design, test, validate and commission machines by combining Simulink or FMI simulation models with the new Studio 5000® Simulation Interface

The Studio 5000® design environment combines engineering and design elements into one standard framework that enables optimized productivity and reduced commissioning time. This release of Studio 5000® includes major updates to both Logix Designer®and Application Code Manager. The new release of Studio 5000®Simulation Interface enables the integration of simulation tools to help build a digital twin to better design and validate systems. Control FLASH Plus™ latest release allows users to manage their devices life cycle natively and increases productivity by updating multiple devices simultaneously. The Studio 5000® v32 software release is focused on optimizing productivity, increasing efficiency, and simplifying workflows.

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Available for Sale: December 2018

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